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About KrxImpExp

KrxImpExp is open source import and export plugins for games „Gothic“ and „Gothic II“. These plugins are intended for modders and make possible to import and export 3DS files to/from 3D Editor, and import and export ASC files too. These 3DS and ASC files are used for creating or editing 3D models (armors, weapons, characters, monsters, levels, etc.) The plugins also make possible to import from three internal „Gothic“ file formats for meshes: MSH (compiled mesh), MRM (multi-resolution mesh), ZEN (zengin world).

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Getting KrxImpExp

Click one of the following links corresponding 3D Editor which you are using.

3D EditorFilename Size Date
3ds max 5krximpexp-max5-apr-13-2011.exe1.8 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 6-8 krximpexp-max6-8-apr-13-2011.exe 1.8 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 9-2008 (32 bit) krximpexp-max9-2008-x86-apr-13-2011.exe 1.8 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 9-2008 (64 bit) krximpexp-max9-2008-x64-apr-13-2011.exe 1.9 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 2009 (32 bit)krximpexp-max2009-x86-apr-13-2011.exe1.8 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 2009 (64 bit)krximpexp-max2009-x64-apr-13-2011.exe1.9 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 2010-2011 (32 bit)krximpexp-max2010-2011-x86-apr-13-2011.exe1.8 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 2010-2011 (64 bit)krximpexp-max2010-2011-x64-apr-13-2011.exe1.9 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 2012 (32 bit)krximpexp-max2012-x86-apr-13-2011.exe1.8 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 2012 (64 bit)krximpexp-max2012-x64-apr-13-2011.exe1.9 MB13-Apr-11
3ds max 2013 (32 bit)krximpexp-max2013-x86-oct-27-2012.exe1.9 MB27-Oct-12
3ds max 2013 (64 bit)krximpexp-max2013-x64-oct-27-2012.exe2.0 MB27-Oct-12
gmax 1.2 krximpexp-gmax1.2-apr-13-2011.exe1.5 MB13-Apr-11
Blender 2.49bkrximpexp-blender2.49b-mar-05-2010.exe1.9 MB5-Mar-10
Blender 2.60 (32/64 bit) krximpexp-blender2.60-feb-24-2013.exe2.2 MB24-Feb-13
Blender 2.65 (32/64 bit) krximpexp-blender2.65-feb-24-2013.exe1.8 MB24-Feb-13
Blender 2.66 (32/64 bit) krximpexp-blender2.66-feb-25-2013.exe1.8 MB25-Feb-13
Cinema 4D Release 9.6krximpexp-c4d9.6-apr-13-2011.exe 3.0 MB13-Apr-11
Cinema 4D Release 10.0krximpexp-c4d10.0-apr-13-2011.exe3.0 MB13-Apr-11
Cinema 4D Release 10.5-11.5 krximpexp-c4d10.5-11.5-apr-13-2011.exe3.3 MB13-Apr-11
Cinema 4D Release 12.0-14.0 krximpexp-c4d12.0-14.0-dec-16-2012.exe3.2 MB16-Dec-12


Some screenshots can be found here. Or you can download it as a single archive.

Filename Size Date 0.5 MB January 29, 2009

Tutorial Videos

I think the following videos I made are interesting. And I suppose these videos will be useful for other people. All videos were archived with 7-Zip archiver.

Description Filename Size Date
Importing orc's dynamic model import_dynamic_model.7z 1.1 MB 29-Jan-09
Importing orc's attack animation import_dynmdl_ani.7z 0.4 MB 29-Jan-09
Editing animations of two orcs at the same time merge_models.7z 3.2 MB 29-Jan-09
Inserting an axe in the „orc's right hand“ slot replace_slot.7z 0.2 MB 29-Jan-09
Exporting a simple world into 3ds file and importing it into Spacer world_cs.7z 2 MB 29-Jan-09


Source Code

You can download my source code using the following link:

Filename Size Date 2.1 MB October 27, 2012

or via SVN:


KrxImpExp is maintained and distributed via a Sourceforge project.

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