Scripts Creator

The tool which saves time with dialogues implementing and move part of work from scripters to scenario writers.

This tool helps team which creates Golden Gate II: Heart of the Goddess modification, and was published 13 September 2023. Created by one of member of mentioned above team.

Guide PL

Guide EN

I short, installation is possible by Docker. You can run tool by Docker Desktop or by command line (PowerShell). The program is opened in a default browser.

As you can see on the video from linked post from Facebook (logging in not needed), you can paste the dialogue in following format to the browser (text from below image is from „GUIDE EN“):

add quest code name (here „BeliarServant“) and click „Convert“ to achieve following code as the output:

////////////////  DiegoOW Hallo
    npc             =     DiegoOW;
    nr             =     2;
    condition     =     DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_Condition;
    information     =     DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_Info;
    important     =     FALSE;
    permanent     =     FALSE;
    description     =     "(to do)";
func int DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_Condition ()
    return TRUE;    
func void DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_Info ()
    AI_Output (self, other, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_12_01"); //Hey, I thought you were dead.
    AI_Output (other, self, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_15_02"); //Yes ... so I was.
    AI_Output (other, self, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_15_03"); //But now I'm back, and looking for proof of the arrival of the dragons.
    AI_Output (self, other, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_12_04"); //Who are you doing that for?
FUNC VOID DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_1 ()
{    Info_ClearChoices(Dia_DiegoOW_Hallo);
    AI_Output (other, self, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_15_05"); //Beliar.
    AI_Output (self, other, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_12_06"); //Nice. It is proper decision!
    START_MISSION(TOPIC_TOPIC_Test, "I should to serve Beliar.");
FUNC VOID DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_2 ()
{    Info_ClearChoices(Dia_DiegoOW_Hallo);
    AI_Output (other, self, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_15_07"); //Xardas.
    AI_Output (self, other, "DIA_DiegoOW_Hallo_12_08"); //Xardas the necromancer?

The code of program is possible to browse by Docker. It is a one pitfall with Scripts Creator, that in names of all NPC's speeches is used „12“ as voice. Where voices always are vary.

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