Diese Begriffe können im Marvin-Mode in die Konsole [F2] eingegeben werden.

Befehl Beschreibung
AIGOTO [name] Spieler läuft zum Waypoint [name]
APPLY ANIFREQ set random-ani frequency [ani-name, frequency]
APPLY OVERLAYMDS enable overlay-MDS [mds-name]
APPLY RANDOMANI apply a random-ani [ani-name, random-ani-name]
AUTOCOMPLEMENT Autovervollständigung der Konsolenbefehle ein/aus
CAMERA AUTOSWITCH toggle camera autoswitch
CAMERA MODE set camera mode [name]
CHEAT FULL Spieler heilen
CHEAT GOD Gottmodus ein/aus
CLEAR ALLDEBUGCHANNELS clear all debug channels
CLEAR ALLDEBUGINSTANCES clear all debug instances
CLEAR DEBUGCHANNEL clear debug channel [ch]
CLEAR DEBUGFOCUS clear debug focus object
CREATE PARTICLEFX create new particle-effect-instance [name]
DEBUG DAMAGE enables/disabled (0/1) damage debug output
DELETE PARTICLEFX delete last used particle-effect-instance
EDIT ABILITIES Eigenschaften des Spielers ändern
EDIT AI Eigenschaften der KI (AI) ändern
EDIT CAMERA Camerainstanz editieren
EDIT COMBAT fight console on/off
EDIT FOCUS Instanz im Fokus bearbeiten
EDIT FX edits a special effect
EDIT PARTICLEFX edit particle-effect-instance [name]
EDIT SPECIES edit species values
GOTO CAMERA Spieler springt zur Kameraposition
GOTO POS x y z Spieler beamt sich auf Position (X,Y,Z)
GOTO VOB [name] Spieler beamt sich zu VOB [name] ([num])
GOTO WAYPOINT [name] Spieler springt zu Waypoint [name]
HELP list commands on spy
HERO EXPORT [dateiname] Exportiert Spielerinstanz zu der angegebenen Datei.
HERO IMPORT [dateiname] Importiert Spielerinstanz von der angegebenen Datei.
INSERT [name] Spawnt die Instanz [name] vor dem Spieler
KILL NPC im Fokus töten
LC1 Include LevelChanger to net/netlevel1.zen.
LC2 Include LevelChanger to net/netlevel2.zen.
LIST CS HISTORY List all cutscenes in the history-pool.
LIST CS PROPS List running cutscenes including status and properties.
LIST CS STATES List running cutscenes including their current status.
LIST CS List running cutscenes.
SAVE GAME Spiel auf Slot 0 speichern.
LOAD GAME Spiel von Slot 0 laden.
SAVE POSITION Speichert Spielerposition
LOAD POSITION Spielerposition laden
SAVE INFOFILE Speichert Infodatei
SAVE ZEN Speichere Level [name.ZEN]
PARSERD MERGE merge 'SRC' oder 'D'-File
PARSERD OFF hide parser debug info
PARSERD ON show parser debug info
PARSERD PCODE print pcode to spy.
PLAY ANI spiele Animation [name]
PLAY CS Play a cutscene (add cutscene-name including extension)
PLAY FACEANI play a face-ani [name]
PLAY SOUND player sound instance [name]
PLAY VIDEO [name] Spiele das Video [name] ab.
PRINT VOB print info for vob(s) [name]
REMOVE OVERLAYMDS remove overlay-MDS [mds-name]
SET ALLDEBUGCHANNELS set all debug channels
SET ALLDEBUGINSTANCES set all debug instances
SET CLIPPINGFACTOR Setting the clipping-factor. Default is 1. Usually check 0.1 … 2.0
SET DEBUGCHANNEL set debug channel [ch]
SET DEBUGFOCUS set debug focus object
SET FBBOX show boundingbox of focus object
SET GUILD set guild [guild]
SET MODELFATNESS set model fatness [value]
SET PERMATTITUDE set permanent attitude [attitude]
SET TEMPATTITUDE set temporary attitude [attitude]
SET THROW set throw range
SET TIME [hh mm] Stellt Uhrzeit auf [hh mm]
SET TRUEGUILD set true guild [guild]
SHOW CS Show information of a cutscene (add cutscene-name including extension)
SPAWNMASS GIGA spawns max [num] random giga monsters around the player
SPAWNMASS spawns max [num] random monsters around the player
START PARTICLEFX start particle-effect-instance [name]
TOGGLE ALLDEBUGCHANNELS toggle all debug channels
TOGGLE ANIINFO animation-info on/off
TOGGLE CAMDEBUG Toggles camera debug
TOGGLE CAMERA change camera mode on/off
TOGGLE CS LIST Toggle list of running cutscenes on screen
TOGGLE CUTSCENES ENABLED Enable or disable cutscene-system
TOGGLE DEBUG debug-Messages on/off
TOGGLE DEBUGCHANNEL toggle debug channel [ch]
TOGGLE DEBUGFOCUS toggle debug focus object
TOGGLE DESKTOP desktop on/off
TOGGLE FRAME Framerate anzeigen/ausblenden
TOGGLE FREEPOINTS Freepoints anzeigen/ausblenden
TOGGLE INERTIATARGET Toggles averaging of target position (for camera)
TOGGLE MUSICCONTROL game music logic on/off
TOGGLE NOCLIP Toggles collision of camera with world
TOGGLE SCREEN Vollbild/Fenstermodus
TOGGLE SPY spy-Messages on/off
TOGGLE TEXT text window on/off
TOGGLE TIME Uhrzeit anzeigen
TOGGLE TURNS turn player on/off
TOGGLE WAYBOXES wayboxes on/off
TOGGLE WAYNET Wegnetz anzeigen/ausblenden
VERSION print version info
WITNESS AIM call reaction aim
WITNESS ATTACK call reaction attack
WITNESS STEAL call reaction steal
ZARCTEST tests integrity of each classes' arc/unarc funcs
ZERR AUTHORS Set the author-filter for messages (as characters A-Z)
ZERR LEVEL Set the maximum priority-level for messages (from -1 to 10)
ZERR REM Include a remark into the error-log.
ZERR SEARCHSPY Search for existing zSpy if started later than game.
ZERR STATUS Show error-status (current level, target …)
ZERR ZVIEW just for internal tests
ZFOGZONE inserts test fog-zones
ZHIGHQUALITYRENDER batch activation of high-quality render options: vob/level farClip, LevelLOD-Strength, Object-LOD, TexMaxSize
ZLIST CLASSTREE enumerating class hierarchy
ZLIST MAT enumerating materials
ZLIST MESH enumerating meshes
ZLIST MESHESWITHLOTSOFMATERIALS lists suspicious meshes with large material counts [NUM_MIN]
ZLIST TEX enumerating textures
ZLIST VOBSWITHBIGBBOX lists suspicious vobs with very large bboxes
ZLIST list every living object of class [CLASS_NAME], if the class has SHARED_OBJECTS flag
ZMARK marks outdoor occluder polys
ZMEM CHECKHEAP checks consistency of current heap allocations
ZMEM DUMPHEAP BLOCKSPERLINE dumps current heap allocations sorted by block per line
ZMEM DUMPHEAP BYTESPERLINE dumps current heap allocations sorted by bytes per line
ZMODEL PRINTTREE prints a model's node hierarchy [MODEL_NAME]
ZOVERLAYMDS APPLY applies overlay-.MDS to vob's model [VOB_NAME / VOB_ID] [MDS_NAME]
ZOVERLAYMDS REMOVE removes overlay-.MDS from vob's model [VOB_NAME / VOB_ID] [MDS_NAME]
ZPROGMESHLOD apply global strength value to all pm LOD rendering, -1(default), 0..1..x
ZRMODE FLAT rendermode flat
ZRMODE MAT rendermode material/normal
ZRMODE WIRE rendermode wireframe
ZRMODE WMAT rendermode material with overlaid wireframe
ZRNDMODELIST enumerates the renderers available modes and devices
ZRNDSTAT renderer statistics
ZSET LEVELFARCLIPZSCALER adjusts far clipping plane for static level mesh, 1 being default
ZSET LEVELLODFACTOR adjusts lod strength for static level mesh, -1 resets to default
ZSET VOBFARCLIPZSCALER adjusts far clipping plane for objects, 1 being default
ZSOUNDMAN DEBUG toggles SoundManager debug info
ZSTARTANI starts ani on specified vob if it has a animatable visual [VOB_NAME] [ANI_NAME]
ZSTARTRAIN starts outdoor rain effect [STRENGTH]
ZTIMER MULTIPLIER sets factor for slow/quick-motion timing
ZTIMER REALTIME resets factor for slow/quick-motion timing to realtime
ZTOGGLE LIGHTSTAT toggles lightmaps/vertLight
ZTOGGLE MARKPMESHMATERIALS marks vob/pmesh materials with color-code: red=1st mat, blue=2nd mat, green=3rd,
ZTOGGLE MODELSKELETON toggles drawing of all models node-hierarchies
ZTOGGLE RENDERVOB toggles drawing of vobs
ZTOGGLE RESMANSTATS displays resource manager statistics (textures,sounds,..)
ZTOGGLE SHOWHELPVERVISUALS displays helper visuals for vobs that don't have a natural visualization (eg zCTriggers)
ZTOGGLE SHOWMEM displays information on heap allocations realtime onscreen
ZTOGGLE SHOWPORTALS displays portals processed during occlusion during
ZTOGGLE SHOWSPLINES Toggles camera splines
ZTOGGLE SHOWTRACERAY displays all rays traced in the world as lines
ZTOGGLE SHOWZONES lists all zones the camera is currently located in (sound,reverb,fog,..)
ZTOGGLE TEXSTATS toggles display of scene texture statistics
ZTOGGLE TIMEDEMO Toggles a time demo with avg FPS Rate
ZTOGGLE VOBBOX toggles bbox3D drawing of vobs
ZTRIGGER sends trigger-message to vob [VOB_NAME / VOB_ID]
ZUNTRIGGER sends untrigger-message to vob [VOB_NAME / VOB_ID]
ZVIDEORES sets video resolution
ZWORLD ACTIVEVOBS prints engine-world activeVobList
ZWORLD STATUS prints some engine-world data
ZWORLD VOBPROPS prints props of vob with specified name [VOB_NAME / VOB_ID]
ZWORLD VOBTREE prints engine-world globalVobTree
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