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-====== ​Coloring Pages Yoyo ====== +====== ​Gothic Editing Wiki ====== 
-Parents of hyperactive youngsters know the "Would you please just work out down?​!"​ phrase well, and also most likely usage it regularly.+  ​*[[http://​​modifikation/​index.php?​go=editingintro|Einleitung & Lizenz]]
-There are a number of suggestions in order to help parents resolve their hyperactive child downThese quick tips as well as leisure techniques take the exact same quantity ​of time as shouting as well as scolding however create exceptionally different cause hyper kids.+Willkommen im Editing Wiki der [[http://​|World ​of Gothic (WoG)]]. Auf diesen Seiten gibt es Tutorials, Tipps und Infos zum Erstellen von Modifikationen für Gothic 1 und Gothic II die Nacht des Raben. Dieses Wiki kann durch jedermann ohne Anmeldung bearbeitet werden. Solltest du also einen Fehler finden, ein Bild vermissen oder ein Tutorial vergeblich suchen, dann leg ruhig selbst Hand an! Falls du es dir selbst nicht zutraust, dann frag bitte einfach im [[http://​​forum/​forums/​104-Editing|Editing-Forum]] der WoG nach. :-) Eine Übersicht zur Syntax der Wiki-Formatierungen findest du [[wiki:​syntax|hier]],​ zum Üben gibt es den [[playground:​playground|Spielplatz]]. Wenn du dich mit einem Account registrierst (unabhängig vom Forum), dann wird bei Änderungen dein Account anstelle deiner IP-Adresse angezeigt.
-Try fast pointers to calm a hyperactive kid down during mood outbursts or abnormally rowdy daysThese soothing suggestions are not novel to grownups by any kind of stretch. The number of times have you listened to "Take a deep breath as well as matter to 10" ​or "​Calgontake me away." ​What help big individuals functions for little individuals too_ Deep breathing is just one of the simplest methods to soothe the body. Educate your kids to take deep breaths (in via the noseout through the mouth) when they start to really feel distressed as well as out of hand. Parentsyou do this also!+Hier findest du eine Liste vieler nützlicher Seiten im WikiEine Übersicht aller Seiten erreichst du immer über den Link "Übersicht" ​rechts des Suchfelds ganz oben auf jeder Seite. Neue Seiten kannst du ganz einfach erstellenindem du die gewünschte URL aufrufstOrientiere dich bitte bei der URL an der Struktur bestehender Seiten, dann wird die neue Seite automatisch richtig einsortiert. Eine Seite bearbeiten kannst du über das "​Stift-Symbol" ​auf der rechten Seite oder mit einem Klick auf den [Bearbeiten] Button am Ende eines jeden Abschnitts 
 +===== Schnelleinstieg ===== 
 +  *[[Quickstart|Schnelleinstieg]] 
 +    *[[Quickstart:​Konzept]] 
 +    *[[Quickstart:​Modellierung|Neue Modelle erstellen]] 
 +    *[[Quickstart:​Texturen|Farbe ​in die Welt bringen - Neue Texturen]] 
 +    *[[Quickstart:​Spacer|Die Welt dekorieren und einrichten - Spacer]] 
 +    *[[Quickstart:​Skripte|Neue Handlungneue NPCsneue Dialoge - Die Skripte]] 
 +    *[[Videotutorials]]
-Take your hyper child for a walk or send them around the block on their very own if they are old sufficient. Not only does strolling shed off excess power, the repeated thump, thump, smack of feet striking sidewalk brings the mind back right into focus.+===== Skripten ===== 
 +  * [[Skripten]]
-Offer your hyper youngster a mini-massage. Touch is crucial to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder youngsters. Rubbing their temples, providing a shoulder rub or lightly running your fingers with their hair could relax kids quickly.+===== Spacer ===== 
 +  *[[Spacer]] 
 +    *[[quickstart:​schaltelemente|]] ​Übersicht 
 +      *[[quickstart:​triggerscript|]] 
 +      *[[spacer:​levelchange|]] 
 +      *[[quickstart:​movercontroller|]] 
 +    *[[Spacer:​Vobs]] - Objekte in der Spielwelt 
 +      *[[spacer:​vobs:​voblensflare|]]  
 +      *[[spacer:​vobs:​vobsound|]] 
 +      *[[spacer:​vobs:​vobtrees|]] 
 +    *[[Spacer:​Macros|Macros]]  
 +    *[[Quickstart:​Spacer:​Default_Zones|Default Zones]] - wichtige Standardzonen in einer Zen 
 +    *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mover|]] 
 +    *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mover2|]] 
 +    *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mobsplatzieren|]] 
 +      *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mobsplatzieren:​ocmobfire|]] 
 +      *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mobsplatzieren:​ocmobbed|]] 
 +      *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mobsplatzieren:​ocmobswitch|]] 
 +      *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mobsplatzieren:​ocmobitemslot|]] 
 +      *[[quickstart:​spacer:​mobsplatzieren:​ocmobcontainer|]] 
 +    *[[Spacer:​Musikzonen|Musikzonen]] 
 +    *[[Spacer:​Kamerafahrten|Kamerafahrten]] 
 +      *[[Spacer:​camera_abc_1|Kamerafahrten Tutorial 1]] 
 +    *[[Spacer:​Hilfedatei|Hilfedatei des Spacers]] 
 +    *[[Spacer:​Bugs|Bekannte Bugs]] 
 +    *[[Spacer:​Diverses|Diverses]]
-Created a "​Boredom Box" that provides innovative electrical outlets for your hyperactive kid. Fill this box or plastic storage bin with paint sets, coloring books, crossword challenges, modeling clay, jewelry making kits and also other artistic areas of interest. Hyper kids bore quickly and also their rapid spinning minds need additional excitement. In the absence of nothing far better to do, hyperactive youngsters will certainly lean on their very own devises as well as you don't desire them doing that. Much better that they attract compared to set the pet cat on fire ...+===== 3D Programme ===== 
 +  *[[3D Studio Max]] 
 +  *[[Blender]] 
 +  *[[Cinema_4D]] 
 +  *[[GMax]]
-The quick-fix relaxing methods function to sooth the hyper youngster after they already ended up being also stressed or energetic. There are likewise methods that moms and dads could show their hyper children to assist them get the "​stuff"​ out prior to it accumulates as well as blows up.+===== Grafikprogramme ===== 
 +  *[[Texturen umwandeln|Gothic Grafiken in normales Format bringen]] 
 +  *[[Grafikprogramme]] 
 +    *[[2D:​Photoshop]] 
 +    *[[2D:​Gimp]]
-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder youngsters have difficulty remaining calm in a frantic environment. Cleaning the clutter and taking a "less is a lot more" technique to decorating can lower the sensory overload on Attention Deficit and also hyperactive kids.+===== ZenGin (Grafik-Engine) ===== 
 +  *[[ZenGin:​Portale|Portale]] 
 +  *[[ZenGin:​Dateiformate|Dateiformate]]  
 +  *[[Quickstart:​Zengin:​Wasser|Wasser]] - Modellierung und Materialeinstellungen 
 +  *[[Tutorials:​Anmerkungen]] 
 +  *[[Allgemein:​Einleitung2]] 
 +  *[[Spacer:​Standardmasse|Standardmaße]] 
 +  *[[ZenGin:​Verschiedene_Hinweise|Verschiedene Hinweise]] ​
-The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder kid's room specifically need to be complimentary of mess. Painting the kid's bed room in calming soft shades rather of intense key colors. +===== Weitere Programme ===== 
- +  *[[Texteditor|Texteditoren zum Skripten]] 
-If you play music in your home, choose soft "lift music" or symphonic music as opposed to rock. Try [[http://​​workshop/​wakka.php?​wiki=mylittleponycoloringpagestocoloronline|colroing pages]] to avoid loud smashings and also sounds when your Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder kid goes to house. +  * [[DirectMusic_Producer]] 
- +  ​*[[Audacity]] 
-Attention Deficit and hyper children particularly need framework and schedules to feel safe and secure in their environments. Waking up, consuming meals, doing homework, and bed times ought to all occur at about the very same time every day, with couple of surprises to distress the Attention Deficit or hyperactive youngster. +  ​*[[zSpy]] ​ 
- +  ​*[[GothicStarter]] 
-If at all possible, find a room in your home to mark as a leisure room. It does not have to be a huge area however it does require to be far from high task locations. This little edge (or perhaps a portion of a walk-in wardrobe) can have a beanbag chair as well as a couple of books, coloring books or other quiet time tasks. +  ​*[[GoMan]] 
- +  ​*[[GothicSourcer]] 
-Urge your youngster to visit this area when they come to be angry or out of hand, however never ever make this a location of punishment. This special place in your house is a positive area where they could go to clear up down, kind points out or simply socialize when they should be alone. +  ​*[[GothicVDFS]] 
- +  ​*[[GothicZTEX]] 
-For the youngster who is old enough to compose, journaling is an excellent method to untangle tired out minds and obtain things off their breast. This technique enables hyperactive kids to splash their inner anxieties outside themselves as well as into paper. +  ​*[[NSIS|NSIS zum Erstellen von Installationsprogrammen]] 
- +  ​*[[Bink_Video_Compressor]] 
-Develop a daily behavior of having your youngster create a page or 2, relying on their age, about anything that comes to mind. They can create "I dislike institution,​ the canine simply drooled, the infant'​s crying is driving me insane ..." - whatever comes to mind. Ultimately, they will reach the guts of what is taking place inside them. Muss up or tear the paper up as well as throw it away. +  ​*[[ZEN_Convert]]
- +
-These private inner ideas are not for you or any individual else to review, ever before. Please respect their privacy and also allow them understand they could write anything down without fear of lecture. +
- +
-Guided imagery is an effective leisure tool for hyper children that draws their focus to favorable ideas, all the while encouraging creative thinking in your kid. You could have a look at books on this technique at your public library if you desire more info on the topic. +
- +
-Some parents find that decreasing or getting rid of sugar from the diet plan goes a long way in soothing the hyperactive child. If your youngster is a finicky eater, you will need to supplement the diet plan to earn certain your Attention Deficit or hyper youngster has actually the fuels required for his body to operate well. +
- +
-Starting the day out with a healthy and balanced morning meal balanced with healthy proteins, fats as well as carbs is important. An egg sandwich, peanut butter salute and also fresh fruit, healthy protein shakes and fresh fruit smoothie mixes are terrific means to begin the day for Attention Deficit and hyper youngsters. +
- +
-Hyperactive youngsters birthed quickly and also their fast spinning minds need added excitement. Better that they draw than established the feline on fire ... +
- +
-The quick-fix calming techniques relaxing to sooth the hyperactive child hyper they already became too stressed as well worried. There are likewise strategies that parents could instruct their hyperactive youngsters to help them get the "​things"​ out prior to it builds up and also explodes. +
- +
-Attention Deficit and hyperactive children particularly require framework as well as routines to really feel secure in their surroundings. Waking up, consuming dishes, doing homework, as well as bed times ought to all happen at concerning the very same time every day, with few shocks to distress the Attention Deficit or hyperactive youngster.+
 +===== Weiteres =====
 +  *[[INI-Datei]] ​
 +  *[[Linkliste]]
 +  *[[Diverses:​Vob-Bilder|Vob-Bilder Katalog]]
 +  *[[Diverses:​Texturkatalog|Texturkatalog]]
 +  *[[PfxDatenbank|PFX-Datenbank]]
 +  *[[Gothic_2_ohne_verzerrtes_Bild_bei_Breitbildaufloesungen|Gothic 2 ohne verzerrtes Bild bei Breitbildauflösung]]
 +  *[[Diverses:​nuetzliche_Dateien|Nützliche Dateien]]
 +  *[[Diverses:​Foren_Threads|Hilfreiche Threads im Editing-Forum]]
 +  *[[Diverses:​Konsolen-Befehle|Konsolen-Befehle]] ​
 +  *[[https://​​index.php?​section=article&​id=952|GothicMOD Lizenz]]
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